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Essay by AZITA September 2004

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If we are to actually believe that TV court is real, then we also have to accept World Championship Wrestling, Roller Derby, and the most believable of them all: Monty Python's Flying Circus. When we take TV judges seriously, even for a moment, then we just simply abandon any resemblance of a true to life proceeding, and go to fantasyland again. In fact, in Reality TV, a multitude of premises, that the soap opera crowd has no problem with, must now be given the time and focus that one could otherwise be devoting to something constructive. (I mean, is there no hobby or practical activity available that could be worthy of the same time wasted on this nonsense?).

Since we are now placing everything in a surrealistic semblance of equal perspective for the purpose of comparison, we have now by default, obligated ourselves to accept the idea that a normal courtroom judge sits at a counter top with bushy eyebrows and stage makeup thick enough to float the U.S.S.

Max Factor. In addition, we now accept a format where the average judge is not only the supreme know it all of all time, but that he or she is willing to disperses advice and unwanted wisdom at the flick of a whim. (And in those excruciatingly whiney voices!). And above all, we now accept the notion that all women judges (and psychiatrists) are bitches, and that all male judges are jerks that by simply doing their jobs, they indiscriminately interrupt, over and over and over again, when someone is speaking. Is there anything more annoying on the face of the planet?

And what about all this random pontificating of advice, and sermon sharing? Do all TV courtroom judges study from Dr. Laura? Did they all learn that...