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Lee A. Zito

Holocaust Museum Trip Extra Credit

When we attended the Holocaust Museum it had been the second time I had visited it. I really didn't want to go, partly because I had already been there, but also because I didn't have anyone to hang out with. I invited my cousin because her and I are like sisters. Since we were both three years old we've rarely gone through a day without seeing each other.

She agreed to go and about a week or two later she started seeing a guy from the class. I thought this would be no problem since we all knew each other. It turned out that I was ditched the moment the bus took off from Mount Laurel to Washington. And at that very moment I was homesick.

But I knew I had to deal with it at least for the rest of the day.

So I toughened up and tried to forget about it, convinced I could enjoy this trip by myself. Before we got on the elevators at the museum, I felt so alone and upset with at least thirty people around me. I tried hard not to care about where my cousin was, after all, she ditched me.

Right before we got on the elevators she came up to me and asked me if I was mad at her. I said no like a total hypocrite. The truth was I felt saved, I was glad she was with me again. We walked a while through the museum, not speaking a word. Despite the fact that everyone was doing this out of respect, the silence between my cousin and I was uneasy tension. I guess she was mad because she wanted to hang out with her boyfriend, not me.

We stopped at...