The Realization of death can change an Individual as in Lord Jim, JIM changes when death is immenient

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The Realization of death can change an Individual

Lord Jim, written in 1900 by Joseph Conrad is a tragic heroic novel portraying the main character's attempts to escape his cowardice past. Marlow Jim's friend (and narrator) tells of the quest for Jim's youthful dreams of the sea. After Jim becomes a seaman he abandons a ship when it hits an underwater object, he leaves his crewmates and pilgrims behind. The Patina never sinks and he is summed to court where he is stripped of his officer's certification. Jim shortly after receives a new job as a port man. He is captured at partisan but later escapes and defeats the local bandit. To become Lord Jim, Jim is intolerably murdered for his future actions.

A realization of one's imminent death can drastically change an individual. Knowing that death is imminent can change the way we perceive things, and cause us to confess our sins.

For example Conrad explains how the protagonist experiences this trauma. The instant that Jim jumps from the Patina, his life becomes a series of lies that will tamper with him for the rest of his life. In short, he cannot confess the cowardly act that plagues him incessantly and, is controlled by this hidden secret. Only when he comprehends that he is going to parish does Jim face the lie. Then, Jim is able to redeem himself prior to his death. By confronting the lies and dying with dignity, Jim is able to regain some of his honor. Lies effect the way an individual lives, and further stresses the internal struggle that Jim faced after he had jumped from the Patina. This process is described as Jim realizes and confronts his lies, faces the fatal consequences, and eventually dies.

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