Really good Speech on September 11

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Ever since September 11 of last year the United State's economics has been plummeting. People have been losing their jobs; people have been going into bankruptcy, the stock market has been dropping day by day. In times like this education is extremely important. In these economic issues people are not able to afford many employees so they look for well skilled intelligent and efficient people so that they won't have to hire many employees. By having an impressive education you might be the one with the job. If you look at education as something that you will learn, pass and forget it after the test there no point in it. But if you do what I do sometimes you'll benefit from it in your future. The way I look at education is learning the basics of life: In History we learn others peoples past so that we could learn from it.

So if you're in a predicament you could infer from others past what they did and see if it will fit you best to get out of your situation.

Math we learn how number add up subtract make shapes all of that type of stuff but you're thinking what will a bunch of numbers do to my life...well ill tell you these numbers are part of life in general they are used in business , economics , stocks architecture construction those types of jobs. So maybe you're thinking I'm not into that type of business well Math is like a logic based class it puts logic in to your head so that when you drive a car or make decisions you don't make ones that you will regret.

Science is a fun subject...if you believe in G-d this class will show you how G-d created the...