Reason behind traffic problems

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Reason behind traffic problems

In a rather compelling fashion, Al-Meri gives his take on the traffic situation in Kuwait. A key point is his opening paragraph where dispute the stand taken by the Assistant undersecretary of staff on traffic situation. Nonetheless, it is not the contradiction which stands out from his argument but rather the many untold issues which plague traffic in Kuwait. Although indirectly, Al Meri raises a number of questions, does the traffic department carry out its mandate effectively? Are there sufficient roads? Is the administration operating as it should and more especially, does the traffic department have its priorities right?

This is perhaps one of those pieces that bundles all the traffic challenges Kuwait faces. In essence, Al-Meri touches on traffic issues which need to be addressed if the traffic problems in Kuwait are to be addressed. So, what about these problems? One may ask.

As will be seen later, this paper assesses the points as presented by Al-Meri pointing out their strengths and shortcomings, in addition to commenting on the general approach adopted by the author in writing the piece. Additionally, the piece will assess the validity of the points raised in the article and whether they are indeed relevant to Kuwait.

Firstly, it is important to explore his opposition to the license related argument put forth by the undersecretary. In the latter parts of the article Al-Meri notes the issuance of lots of licenses to taxi operates and on this basis, questions the undersecretary's assertion that licenses are only issued to the deserving (4). He further questions what happens when this deserving lot flouts traffic regulations knowing quite well enforcement is poor. In his words, "there is evidence that Kuwaiti's observe regulations when they visit western countries (Al Meri 4)." Nonetheless, this...