Reason of Demand for Slavery

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Slavery in the colonies grew more rapidly in the last decades of the sevententh century because there was an increased demand. And as the number of slaves increased, white colonists adopted laws to ensure that Afreican Americans would be held i bondage for life and that their status of slaves would be inherited by their children. Therefore, this kept the slaves rate high.

An increase of wages in England reduced the amount of immigrants into the colonies. Becasue of this, workers for farmlands could not be found, therefore, slaves were wanted to work the farmland.

Also, small farmers and indentured servants were demanding and large plantation owners were seerking more reliabe and dependable service. They knew that slavery would provide a more stable work force for them to dominate.

Another reason for increased demand in slavery was cheap labor. The slaves would not ne paid whereas indentured servants and helpers were.

By then, tobacco was no longer a rarity and because of that tobacco prices fell and decreased in demand. This meant less profits for tobacco farmers. However, rice and indigo became the more profitable crops and to grow them required vigilant watch, which meant it also required a larger amont of land area and a larger amount of feinld hands. Thus, slavery became a crucial part o the American colonial society.