The reasons behind the war with Iraq.

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"Necessities Of War"

Do we as a nation, representing freedom, enjoy burying our citizens? Do we as individuals, representing family members, enjoy burying our loved ones? Then why do we as a nation and as individuals continue to tolerate rogue countries and politicians waging war against our innocent citizens and family members? I state to you today that Saddom Hussein is one of those rogue politicians that desperately needs to be eliminated, if for no other reason than for his crimes against humanity.

On Jan. 28th, 1991 nineteen American servicemen and two servicewomen were taken prisoner by the Iraqi Elite Republican Guard, which is one of Saddom Husseins interrogator groups. The Americans were beaten, electrocuted, urinated and spat upon. They suffered broken bones, torn muscles, chipped teeth, perforated eardrums and massive bruising, and one of the women was sexually molested. Even the Iraqi people are victums of Saddoms crimes of torturing with electric drills, death in acid baths, summary executions, mass grave burials, gang rapes, and regularly scheduled beatings of prisoners.

( Saddoms Crimes 2-3 )

Under United Nations Resolution 1441 Saddam was supposed to disarm immediately. That was twelve years ago and he has still yet to comply with that agreement. After twelve years of dodging the U.N. weapons inspectors it should be obvious to everyone that he has no intention of ever fully co-operating with the United Nations Council. We are twelve years behind schedule in taking action against this type of political manipulation. The time has come to finally eradicate this proverbial pain. ( United Nations Security Council 2 )

The world would be a much safer place without Saddam Hussein because his chemical and biological weapons pose a threat to every kind of life form on this planet. We have already seen that he will use...