Reasons for the french revolution

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1st and 2nd estates did not pay taxes

While the middle class (bourgeoisie) or 3er estate, had to. This included the (lawyers, doctors, etc) who could not advance to the other social class and were treated like pesetas

both aristocratic and the bourgeois elites began to have accustomed to a new social economical reality based on - wealth -economical achievement

were increasingly frustrated by the monarchal system resting on privileges and on an old and rigid social order based on the concept of the estates

A growing frustration at the monarchy's inability to deal with new social realities of the time. (bad harvest that resulted in a depression and food shortage --- 1787-88) rising prices for food and other necessities , and also causing unemployment

collapse in the governments finances , while the government has to face the debts because of the wars France has fought , and the debts because of the debts of royal extravagant lifestyle

government calls the ESTATE GENERAL ( French parliament) that has not been called since 1614 admitting the nation required to raise taxes


Louis XV grandson, 23 yrs old when he turns to be ling

Knows little about the French government and marries to an Austrian princess named Marie Antoinette.


Statement of local government which were drafted throughout France during elections to the ESTATES GENERAL


Was created by the 3rd estate and they decided to draw up a constitution


Issued a pamphlet in which he asked, "What is the 3rd estate "EVERYTHING, what does it demand? TO BECOME SOMETHING Sieyes statement however, was not representative of the general feeling in 1789, most delegates still wanted to make changes within a frame work of respect for the authority of the king...