Reasons for reflective practice and key-theme in reflective practice.

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Reflective practice provide cirtical self-essessent of your own existing skills and prsonal attributes. It enable u to enhance your employment opportunities and say soemthing about yourself to your prospective employer. It is important to locate existing skills and personal attributes as most organizations include soft skills in job specifications. Many even seek evidence of soft skills at interview stages. The need to perpetuate awareness of soft skills is important since it enhances creativity and professional artistry.

Some of the fundamental concepts of reflective practice

include reflective thinking,and using reflection to develop professional skills and its learning attributes.

What is reflective thinking? Reflective thinking refers to everyday experience that are socially constructive. THis experience is learnt through actions. Reflections are developed through learning and actions. Reflection On Action (ROA) refers to an action taken by the individual and the consequences of that action. Then taking on a new action and so forth.

One is seen to develop some capacity of learning through the actions.

When we have learned how to do something we can execute smooth sequences of activity be it decision making or adjustments without having to think about it. However, this is not always, as there is often exceptins/surprises. Therefore, at times we reveal the knowledge of solving the problem through spontaneous skillful execution of the performance. But we have difficulty in verbally expressing it. This deployment of action is known as Reflection In Action (RIA). RIA relates to tacit knowlege, which is a sort of knowledge that we reveal in our intelligent action. This knowledge is seen as creative (dynamic) as opposed to facts, procedures or rules which are really mechanistic (static).

Using reflection can develop professional skills and its learning attributes. Reflections creates more room for professional artistry. Reflections enables one to explore other views and overcome...