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Essay type: Describing character essay

Publisher: Avon Books Student: Manresa Carolina

Book: Rebecca Course: 3rd A

Author: Daphne Du Maurier

Title: Rebecca (practice)

Words: 389

Version: 2

Plan: Title: Rebecca Introduction: Paragraph 1: We know Rebecca through other people Development: Paragraph 2: Rebecca's physical appearance Paragraph 3: Good event organizer and good sport woman Paragraph 4: Real aspects of Rebecca Paragraph 5: Promiscuity Paragraph 6 : Rebecca's illness


Our title character is a puzzle we can never completely solve; the more we think about her, the more she eludes us. Our knowledge about Rebecca is filtered through the other characters, who transmit these stories to the narrator. She never actually appears in the story because Rebecca dies before the story begins, but her strength and influence remains clear in the story.

Once we sift through the various takes on Rebecca, some features of her can be identified.

She's a beautiful and extremely charming woman, as the Bishop's wife says, '…that cloud of dark hair against the very white skin, and her costume suited her so. Yes, she was very beautiful.' (Chapter 11, page 124). Frank also says, 'yes, I suppose she was the most beautiful creature I ever saw in my life.' (Chapter 11, page 134)

Also, she's really talented at organizing fabulous parties. In words of Mrs. Van Hopper who says, 'but I believe she was very lovely. Exquisitely turned out, and brilliant in every way. They used to give tremendous parties at Manderley…'(Chapter 5, page 42). Besides, Rebecca excels in every kind of sport, from hunting to horse riding to sailing. "she spent many nights at the cottage, and had sailed in every sort of weather." (Chapter 14, page 170)

But little by little, some not so good things about Rebecca appear, Maxim suggests...