The Rebel Flag

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If you ask, someone from the Northern states what the rebel flag stands for they will tell you it means white supremacy and prejudice. If you ask a Southerner the same question they will tell you it means Southern Pride or proud to be a Red Neck. The war between the Northern and the Southern states was many years ago, but a lot of Southerners still feel the same way today, about people from the Northern states.

Most people from up north believe that all southerners are friendly and warm. This I personally have found to be a total fallacy. This is a story about the different ways Northerners and Southerners feel about the confederate flag, and why I feel the civil war between the states still exists in certain ways. Their have been recent problems relating to the rebel flag and what it stands for. Two girls were band from school for bring pocket books to school that had the confederate flag displayed on one side.

Their was also a big thing on whether or not the Confederate Flag should be displayed on Federal Government property.

I have asked quite a few people that are true southerners, born and raised here, and not just military transplants, what it means to them. They all said the same thing, it means southern pride. Prejudice is a worldwide problem, it's not just here that you find that behavior, it's everywhere. Last year while visiting my boyfriends parents in Chicago, an all black neighborhood, I took our dogs across the street to the park and as I walked out of the house and man asked me, "Are you staying their?"

My answer, that was rude but appropriate was, "No I'M ROBING THEIR HOUSE!"

Racism comes in all forms, and one of the problems...