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Henry Ly

ENGR 101

Essay #3

Rebellion for a cause

Since the beginning of time, we have seen acts of rebellion all around the world. Throughout history, these revolutions are constantly changing the world to what it is today. The goal of a civil protest is always a peaceful proposition where both sides can coexist harmoniously but the protest itself can be very chaotic. Mankind has witness numerous rebellions in which thousands of people have die in order to change some aspect of society that's creating turmoil in their society. In today's world, we have seen public riots creating havoc on city streets just to get attention so people can be aware of their movement. Rebellions are always induced to bring harmony to a society in trouble but so often the rebellion itself brings more trouble than the society had to begin with. This brings up the dilemma, is it really warranted to have a rebellion to create order in an aspect of society or will it just create more havoc and disorder in society? It all depends on how tumultuous the situation is and how great is the change on the society at the end of the revolution.

A rebellion is only warranted when a society in a dire situation is in need a of great change so there can be peace and order while it is unnecessary to create such drastic actions if two opposing sides can coexist in civil order and tolerate each other's problems.

The American Revolution is a prime example of situation where society needed to rebel at the scale of a decade long war to achieve balance and order in their country. It all began when the British Parliament place heavy taxes on the Thirteen Colonies to fiancé the British military defenses that became...