Rebellion "A Man Who Was ALmost a Man"

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We often view ourselves not as who we are, but the way others expect us to be, or the way they see us. Unless we are able to break free from our restrictions our development can be prevented from becoming what we want to be. In the story "A Man Who Was Almost a Man", Dave is a young man stuck in between childhood and manhood. He just wants to prove to everyone that he is a man. He feels that they only way is to rebel against his parents then maybe they would treat him differently. He also realizes that he has to stop letting other people control him. He is using all of his strength to show people that he is truly a man and he eventually has to give up everything to prove himself.

Dave is very confused and frustrated with his parents. Both of his parents are abusive to him, but in different ways.

His mother is verbally and his father is physically abusive. His mother's abuse is unintentional because she does show her love to him in many ways. One way is by keeping his meal warm at night while he's in the field. (276) She also makes sure he stays in school and pinches pennies so he can have school clothes. That shows a lot of love considering how poor the family is. Even though she talks down to him and calls him bad names, she still loves him. Although her abuse is unintentional, her treatment hinders him from becoming a man.

His father's abuse affects Dave even more because he beats him and refuses to see him as a man. Dave is confused by the fact that his father refuses to accept his maturity even though Dave does more work than...