The rebelloin of Lance Part 2

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As a familiar clammy feeling fell over Lance, the monster backed away slowly and watched Lance closely. Lance grew his head was covered by a steel mask and he was covered by a black cloak. He felt his organs and guts change and disappear, being replaced by a churning mass of wheels and rods like the insides of a watch. Lance stood up slowly as the monster bared its rows of deadly looking teeth and growled angrily at Lance. Lance ignoring the monster continued to get up and that's when the monster had enough. It sensed danger and decided to kill it now instead of waiting for what Lance would do. The monster charged at Lance. To Lance, the monster moved in slow motion. Lance saw it run towards him. Lance saw it jump up and at him. Lance saw the saliva fly from the monster's mouth and saw the bloodlust in its eyes.

And right at the second before the monster would land its deadly bite on Lance, Lance's arm flashed and a sword extended from the sleeve above his hand. Lance shoved the blade right dead center into the heart of the monster. The monster fell into a crumpled heap and Lance turned back to his original form of a 14-year-old boy.

Lance looked around the field and a small smile spread over his face. A smile that hasn't shown on his face for 2 years and he wispered something he wanted to say for a long time, "I'm coming back Elaine, I'm coming back" and with that he walked towards the far distance where his special jet awaited his return.