Reborn refugees in Australia and best life in Australia.

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Reborn in Australia

Alem Kelo is an African child, his father Ethiopian, his mother Eritrean. Because of the wars between those two countries and the hatred between their peoples, Alem and his family are not welcome in either country. They have been bullied, attacked, driven from several homes. Both his parents work for peace through a groundroots pacifist organisation but it's taking a long, long time to break down the barriers. They fear for their own safety but more than that, they fear for Alem's safety. And so his father brought him to Australia, his knew that Australia is the most safest country in the hole world, so that he could leave him there, trusting in Blighty's capacity to care for war refugees, especially children. And largely, yes, Alem does receive care from Australia culture and learn there culture too. The hotel owner contacts the Refugee Council and Social Services who arrange for Alem to be taken into care, first in a children's home and later with a wonderfully kind and supportive foster family.

And as you can imagine, Alem needs all the support he can get. He's barely a teenager, English is his second language, he misses his parents dreadfully and has to live in fear of what will happen to them, so far away. And he has to bear the bureaucratic impersonality of the process built around seeking asylum here. It's not an easy status to obtain and eventually, after months and months of wrangling, Alem's application is rejected. Yes, rejected. With no outright war existing between Ethiopia and Eritrea it is considered that Alem is safe to return home, despite the evidence of bullying and attacks, despite having been driven from several homes, despite the fact that a desperate father brought his only son halfway across the...