Receiving Public Assistance as a Child of an Illegal Immigrant

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The question is: should children of illegal immigrants receive public assistance benefits? The answer is simply yes for many reasons. One of the many reasons is that once you are born on United States soil you are or should be considered as an American citizen. Also if you deny some immigrant public assistance it could back fire into an even bigger problem for society in terms of the crime rate. It is also shown that the rate of immigrants receiving public assistance is only slightly higher than the American rate. For the most part immigrants are smart people who actually end up helping America to become a better place to live. The fact is that if we do not allow them public assistance to get on their feet we could ultimately lower the quality of American living. Therefore we should undoubtedly allow the children of illegal immigrants to receive public assistance.

Most immigrants are highly effective in the job field that they choose. "In virtually every field in which the United States asserted global leadership in the 1980's-industries such as computer design and software and a list of others one finds immigrants"(Stephen Moore pg 591). They are not only in many of the top job fields but for the most part many of they are successful. "Some of its most successful and revolutionary computer technologies were pioneered by immigrants, such as the 8080 microprocessor" (Stephen Moore pg 591). Immigrants help out the United States just as much as other Americans. They help in the advancement of computers and many of us use computers almost every day. So it is vital that you help these people out if they need it. I think if you live in America when you are trying to help yourself and you need a little...