Recent Developments in HIV Studies.

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Ricky Lopez

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Title: Recent Developments in HIV Studies

Specific Purpose : To inform my audience about recent developments in HIV studies.


Did you know that women have gone from being 41% of the HIV population to being 47% in only one year, last year - 2001. Did you know that in the last year women have counted to be five to six more times the amount of men who are newly infected? No wonder there's been such a huge jump in the percentage!

This morning I'm going to speak to you about some recent developments in HIV research studies performed locally and around the world.


First off, I'm going to inform you on some new information on HIV transmissions.)


There are alot of misconceptions when it comes to knowledge of how HIV is and isn't transmitted. Most people know the basics, but when it comes down to details alot of people are sketchy in certain areas where information is either given to myths, what is thought to be logic, or what they've heard from others that is not correct.

HIV is transmitted through needles, blood transfusions and exchange, vaginal or anal intercourse, and the sharing of unprotected sexual toys or props.

HIV is not transmitted through kissing of any kind, mosquitos, clothed or nude body contact, mutual masturbation, or oral sex of any kind.

Many people know of most of this, but oral sex has been a much debated topic of concern until recently when a study was conducted in San Franciso, California over a year with clean and infected participants to see if HIV was trasmitted through oral sex. Through the study none of the oral sex participants who were clean, transmitted the HIV virus. While some organizations say this isn't definite...