Recipe for a Stable Family

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Recipe For a Stable Family

You will need:

1 cup Communication

2 tablespoons Diversity

1 pint Love

2 cups trust

(optional, add this for a spicy flavor)

1 or more fresh children


Pre-heat home to 65 to 70 degrees. Pour one cup communication into a large bowl, mix (by hand or with an electric mixer) until desired thickness, add two tablespoons diversity and stir for three minutes. With electric mixer, mix in one pint love into batter. Pour 2 cups trust into batter. (optional: Add children whenever ready, and let mature at their own pace.) Pour batter into lightly greased oven safe pan. Bake for as long as a lifetime, or until family stability is achieved. Serve immediately, let cool if problems arise (Caution: 'Hot' moods have been known to surface, handle with care).

If only maintaining a family were as simple as following a recipe for baking a cake.

Sadly however, a stable family is a rare sight these days, an even more rare sight is a stable family you are a part of. The majority of teenagers in the 'Y' Generation have experienced unstable families at least once in their lifetime, and have evolved to understand and accept the way things are. However, there is still the minority of Generation-Y that is lucky enough to know and cherish the love and compassion of a stable family. I myself, am part of that minority. I'm not saying that my family is perfect, by no means were you intended to gather that. No family is perfect, although many claim to be, there are always, and there will always be small imperfections. For example, my parents tend to yell when they get upset, thinking that by raising their voice they can get their point across better. One thing I can...