Recommendations to stop gang involvement among teenagers

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There is no way to stop gangs from influencing other people to join. But we can try to keep teenage gangs away from other teenagers. If gang members who are in their teens get caught doing something wrong whether it is on school property or not, they should be punished for it. They shouldn't just be suspended. If they are suspended, it is only a matter of time before they come back or go to another school and continue doing illegal activities. Instead of being suspended, gang members should be sent to juvenile delinquency centers. At these juvenile delinquency center, gang members can learn about all the negativity gang affiliation can bring into no only their lives but also the lives of everyone around them.

At these juvenile delinquency centers, gangs can not only serve their punishment for being in gangs but also try to start off with a clean slate.

These juvenile delinquency centers can hire former gang members who can talk to new gang members and try to set them on the right path. People learn from their mistakes. In most cases this is true. However in this case, this can be problematic. This is because if kids join gangs and realize their mistakes, they may have a hard time getting out. Ex-gang members who have been through the experience can explain all the hardships of joining a gang. They were lucky enough to get out of gangs, but not everyone else will be that lucky.

If someone who is in a gang and voluntarily wants out, meaning they don't want o to get arrested and go through the whole process can just request "therapy sessions" and learn how they can get out of gangs without any consequence.