Reconstruction in Arkansas.

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What was Reconstruction? (Both Presidential and Congressional) How did? Or did it change the South and Arkansas?

Reconstruction can be defined as the rebuilding of a city or a town after the Civil War. At the time of the Civil War, Presidential Reconstruction was divided into two phased. The two phases were Lincoln phase, and the Johnson phase. During the Lincoln phase, Lincoln came up with the Emancipation Proclamation that enlisted black soldiers from the North to enter the war. Lincoln also had several different doctrines, the Ten Percent Plan, which stated that, had the groundwork laid out for the Republican side of the congress. The middle of the Presidential reconstruction marked the end of the civil war. During Johnson's phase of the Presidential reconstruction, Johnson had radical republicans thinking that he would support the radical's decision.

During the Congressional Reconstruction, congress added the fourteenth amendment to the United States Constitution. The fourteenth amendment gave citizens the right to have citizenship, the right to vote as well as the exclusion of public offices. The congressional reconstruction also had new military laws.

Reconstruction after the Civil War changed the south and the state of Arkansas dramatically, because several towns have been abolished during battles and taken over by the union soldiers and everything was torn down. I think that the reconstruction of anything changes the country, because of the debts battles have to pay.