The Reconstruction of the United States after the Civil War. Radical reconstruction vs. presidential reconstruction. The affects on blacks. Compromise of 1877.

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Your plantation and house is burnt, fields scourged, money is worthless, lost hopes, and this is how the confederates were reintroduced into the Union after the Civil War. The United States introduces the Reconstruction period as a time of rebuilding the American image as a truly equal country. From Amendments, to Reconstructions, to the South finding its new image, the United States follows these steps to create the both successful and failed restoration.

New concepts were introduced after the Civil War, of these came new Amendments which lead to both leaps and falls. All of these were influential to the black community and the controversial voting ability. Lincoln's policies stated terms that Southern states could rejoin the Union and reestablish their political and civil rights under the U.S Constitution. These terms included : the freeing of slaves, the disbanding of confederate government, the formation of new state governments for each Southern state, and not allowing former leaders of the Confederate or high ranking officers could be a part of the new government (3).

With the shocking assassination of Lincoln, Vice President Andrew Johnson became in charge, trying to keep the country in order, but soon with the creation of the Radical Republicans, Johnson soon lost control. The Radical Republicans in Congress represented the Northern hatred, and wanted to punish the slave states. The controversy between blacks and whites of the South where the topics of the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments, creating a chance for the blacks to establish a future, while also reviving animosity in the South. Mainly, these Amendments represented the success of the Reconstruction because it showed how the United States was making great leaps in making the first interracial country. Before, the United States would avoid these subjects, but now they are able to create...