Recovery Homes in California's Antelope Valley

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Many people are unaware that the Antelope Valley is 20 miles away from the United States second largest County drug rehabilitation center (Acton/Warm Springs CA - Antelope Valley Rehabilitation Center). This facility, along with many smaller drug treatment and counseling centers in the Lancaster/Palmdale area, on average, refer 30% of their clients to transitional, group, or sober living homes in this community. There is a need for quality recovery homes in the Antelope Valley area, and many times these homes are met with a general attitude of discrimination from residential neighborhoods, the city, and a misinformed public.

The difference between a quality structured recovery home and a dysfunctional one can be extreme. These homes are suppose to provide a service to the community by helping recovering people lay a foundation of coping skills that promote a healthy lifestyle without the use of alcohol and drugs. Often these homes are the only resource for this segment of the population who are just out of treatment, are severely destitute, and have limited housing options.

Quality recovery homes operate with integrity. They apply for and obtain a business license and comply with the city's code enforcement regulations of 6 residents per house. They provide a structured environment with house rules, monitor and help manage each individuals progress in their recovery program, require residents to look for work, and teach and guide individuals to become self supporting through their own contributions. The whole goal of these houses is to offer a safe stepping stone for individuals to transition back into individual independence within our community.

To the other extreme, are the dysfunctional houses that operate under the guise of recovery. These home owners see an opportunity to make money and exploit these individuals' limited opportunities. These homes hide their existence from the city, pack...