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Hewlett Packard Limited - Recruitment Process


Andrea POPA, Gr. 135 -

Irina PECIE, Gr. 135 -


This paper aims to analyze the process of recruitment within Hewlett Packard Ltd. There will be highlighted the strong points of the recruitment process but also the weak points of it. Also we will have a case study made on a person that was part of the recruitment process of HP, Andreea Popa, who is also one of the group members that made this project. Among the strong points we will mention the "Work - Life balance" concept. At the other side of the story, among the weaknesses of the recruitment process will be included the small number of employees in the Human Resources Department which are overwhelmed by their work in some periods of the year.

Key Words: methods of recruitment, staff, employee, job description, internship, internal candidates, collection specialist


"It is necessary that people work together in unison toward common objectives and avoid working at cross purposes at all levels if the ultimate in efficiency and achievement is to be obtained."1

- Dave Packard

At the first glance Hp is the company that was on the 10th place on Fortune magazine in USA and on the 26th place on Fortune magazine Global.

The company counts an amazing number of employees, more precisely 304,000 employees and it operates in approximately 170 countries worldwide. Another impressive thing about HP is that in the last years they always increased their revenues; in 2009 the revenues reached the level of 114.6 billion USD.

The shared values of HP are:

1. Passion for customers - we put our customers first in everything we do;

2. Trust and respect for individuals - we work together to create a culture of inclusion...