Recruiting Performance Improvement

Essay by itlady July 2007

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Today's corporate and private business organizations must make swift, sound decisions to maintain a competitive edge in their marketplace. The proper use of critical thinking skills, problem-solving techniques, and decision-making tools is vital to strategic, tactical, and operational planning (Shireman, 1999). This paper is going to focus on the application of those skills and tools to a recruiting department within a Fortune 500 company, General Mills, Inc. (GMI).

According to Thomas J. Donohue, President and CEO of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, "finding and keeping good workers are among the greatest challenges facing businesses" in this century (U.S. Chamber website). There are a number of external forces creating these challenges. First, the number of potential workers entering the work force is less than in the past. Second, the current workforce is aging, leading to an exodus from the work force as baby-boomers enter retirement. Several industries, such as government, healthcare, construction, and manufacturing are already experiencing shortages that others will see in the near future.

Last week, this writer explored the current situation within the General Mills' recruiting department and the challenges that are faced in recruiting the right individuals at the experienced level. This paper will present a recommended performance improvement project for experienced professionals recruiting to better align the department's goals with those of the organization. Additionally, it will outline the benefits and challenges of implementation, outline the key performance metrics necessary to measure improvement and long term success of the project, how utilizing the metrics sustains the forward movement of the project, and finally, the pitch necessary to get key management approval. All references to recruiting moving forward will be directly related to the recruitment of experienced professionals, not college graduates. Why the recruiting department?Recruiting Performance Improvement ProjectCurrently the process within the recruiting department is...