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Recruitment and Selection


Employing the right individual has the potential to, in the long run save the organisation money by reducing turnover. This highlights the importance of recruitment and selection of sales people. Various techniques should be employed to best avoid selecting the wrong individuals for the job. Effective recruitment processes are vital in attracting and retaining high quality staff (Marterel2005).

This statement supports the argument that recruitment and selection is the main activity within human resources. Recruitment and selection are a set of activities and processes that are used to select qualified individuals for open vacancies within an organisation. Recruitment is the process of attracting individuals for vacant posts; the selection process measures these individuals and finds the best candidates to fulfil the job description. It is essential for organisations keep up with the changing business environment and amongst other factors organisations depend on their workforce to effectively respond to these changes, therefore there is a great need to employ highly skilled individuals.

There are different methods that an organisation can employ when recruiting and selecting applicants; internally and externally. Internal recruitment offers vacancies to existing employees, the job post are distributed through staff notice boards and company newsletters. This method is cost effective as it avoids using agencies having to pay consultant fees also the training and induction is eliminated. The employees already have knowledge of how the organisation operates making them easy to work with and their chance for a career development gives them an incentive to work harder as they feel appreciated. However, the limitations of this method are the lack of new skills or experience brought into the organisation which could differentiate from competitors, therefore the external method maybe more beneficial. The external process recruits applicants outside the organisation through agencies, national newspapers, specialist...