The recruitment and selection process

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Recruitment is the first part of the process of filling a vacancy. It includes the examination of the vacancy, the consideration of sources of suitable candidates, making contact with those candidates and attracting applications from them. It aimed at finding a pool of applicant with the abilities desired by the organization.

Selection is the next stage, i.e. assessing the candidates by various means, and making a choice followed by an offer of employment. If the vacancy is additional to the present workforce, then in all probability the need for the new employee has been established and a job specification complied. The majority of vacancies, however, occur as replacements for people who have left the company or as the final event in a chain of transfers and promotions following on reorganization. In these cases consideration may be given to the following points:

(a) It may be possible to fill the vacancy from within the company.

(b) It may be filled by a different kind of employee, e.g. a school-leaver or a part-timer.

( c) The job and personnel specifications may need to be revised.

2. The Recruitment and Selection Process

The recruitment and selection process therefore involves looking for suitable candidate to fill up a position in the organization. It begins when you know you need someone new in the organization either because an existing staff member has left, or because there is new work to be done. It doesn't finish until after the appointment has been made and you have reflected on any changes that you would make in future recruitments.

2.1 Recruiting

The recruiting process is aimed at finding a pool of applicants with the abilities desired by the organization. Effective recruitment requires a great deal of careful planning. An effective planning process consists of identifying job...