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Red Alert

It was a great day. I realized as I woke up, moving to a sitting position. I stretched as soon as I stood up. I couldn't believe what I saw! There it was, right in front of my face. I closed my eyes. I opened my eyes again to see if what I saw was true. As I did so I felt cold air around my eyes. I gasped trying to breathe.

I ran to the other mirror to make sure that the mirror in my room was lying. My cheeks were red, itchy, and swollen. I was getting dizzy thinking this was all a dream. How could this have happened? Yesterday was so great, now today was like a nightmare. I shook my head rapidly as if trying to get rid of my headache at the same time wishing this was all a dream.

My mom saw me.

"What's wrong? What in the world happened to your face?!" She asked concerned. "I don't know. I woke up and it was like that." She examined my face for what seemed like a minute. "Did you put any thing on it?" "No." "Well don't put any thing on it. Did you show your dad yet?" "No." I answered her angrily.

I walked to where my dad was sitting. "Look what happened to her." He looked over at me. "What happened?!" "How should I know?" I answered him angrily. "Well what did you eat?" "Just the crab from yesterday." "Well don't eat any to day." My mom said. "But I love crab." I groaned angrily, an stomped back to my room. I couldn't stop itching. My mom passed by. "Stop scratching, you'll only make it worse." "Arggh!" I was getting frustrated. I saw my sister staring at me. "What are...