The Red Badge Of Courage

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"The Red Badge of Courage" By: Stephen Crane The book "The Red Badge of Courage," takes place during the Civil War. It is about a Union Regiment that has been camped for weeks. One of the main characters is a tall soldier named Jim Conklin who spreads a rumor that the army is going to move. Another main character is a young man between the ages of 14 - 18 named Henry Fleming who has recently been recruited into the army against his mother's wishes. Finally, the last main character is the tattered man who was shot twice that Henry met in the column of wounded soldiers.

Some major conflicts that took place in "The Red Badge of Courage," were when Henry was struggling in his mind in the second battle whether to flee from his regiment or to stay and fight. A second major conflict was when Jim Conklin had been badly wounded and later died when Henry had fled from his regiment A third major conflict was when Henry was hit in the head with a rifle when he tried to stop some soldiers on the road to ask them what had happened.

The climax in this book was in the last battle when Henry and his friend Wilson were fighting over who would carry the flag. When the group is sent into fight, Henry courageously carries the flag, and after the regiment stops fighting and they are sent back in to fight once more, Henry continues to carry the flag and his regiment wins the fence.

In the ending of this book Henry gained his manhood and put all of the war in his past, and he went home in existence of a soft and eternal peace.