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The Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane is a book about a young man drawn into the Civil War in America. The main character is a young man named Henry Fleming. He is very exited to go into the war, and he does so against his mother's wishes. After Henry joins the army, he meets a man by the name of Jim Conklin. Jim is very tall and he becomes a good friend of Henry's. Another man that becomes a friend of Henry in the story is Wilson. Wilson was loud and obnoxious to Henry, but he soon becomes helpful. The setting of the story takes place in two main places, the forest and the camp. Henry fights with the army in the forest and he learns about true war there. The camp is the base where the Union army would set up for the night. The forest is the main setting though, because Henry learns about true bravery and valor there.

The first conflict of the story is when the Union regiment is about to have their first battle ever. Henry is so scared of all the gunfire and bloodshed that he runs away and deserts his regiment in the field of battle. He, and a few other soldiers hide before the battle is over.

After the battle, Henry finds his friend Jim. He walks and talks with Jim about the war until Jim dies. Henry, sad about losing one of his good friends, begins to wander around in the forest. While he is there, he meets up with another member of the Union army and begins to fight with him. During the battle, Henry gets hit with the but end of his opponents gun and starts to bleed. When it gets dark, he finds another soldier...