"The Red Convertible" By Louise Erdrich

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Autumn Johnson

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18, March 2014

"The Red Convertible" By Louise Erdrich

Throughout 'The Red Convertible," Louise Erdrich develops three major characters in the story who play a role in foreshadowing its tragic and dramatic ending. The three characters are Henry, Lyman and the red convertible.

On page 114 Henry says to Lyman, "Got to cool me off". Henry then proceeds to jump in the river. He foreshadows what's going to happen to him at the end of the story. Also on page 114 Lyman says "My boots are filling". This shows us that something is going to happen to him. That he is most likely going to drown. Henry gives us plenty of clues that he isn't going to make it after he came home from the war things were be different. He was distant from his family and from the world itself.

Everyone was worried about him especially his brother Lyman. The war messed him up and now he couldn't get a grip on society and how things were when he came back home. No one wanted to be around him because they all thought he was crazy deranged and that he had lost his mind.

Lyman shows us things that foreshadow the ending the story. Lyman knows that Henry has changed dramatically after coming home from the war. When Wheeeerfwer When they were both watching television together, Henry bit through his lip he probably didn't notice it but everybody else did when they were at the dinner table together. Lyman was tense he wasn't his usual free self. In the beginning of the story he was free. Henry and Lyman were always together lying in the grass just enjoying nature or riding in the red convertible. When Lyman came home...