Where The Red Fern Grows

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1. The memories of the narrator were brought back when he saw a hound in a dog.

2. The terrible disease Billy had when he was ten was puppy love.

3. Billy was not able to get the dogs because his family did not have enough money.

4. Some of the things Billy did to get money were he picked berries and sold them to his grandpa, he sold supplies to fishermen, he trapped coons for their fur it took Billy two years to save up for the money.

5. Some of the incidents that Billy had in town compared to where he lived was that the kids called him a hillbilly and the old lady laughed at him when he came out of the fire escape.

6. Billy showed his courage with the mountain lion by throwing rocks down the side of the mountain.

7. Billy got the names for his dogs when he saw them carved into a tree at a fisherman's campground.

8. Billy's parents wan to move to town some day so their kids can get and education.

9. It took a while for grandpa's traps to work because Billy's scent was around the traps.

10. Billy decided to chop down the big tree because his dogs treed their first coon and he promised them that if they treed the coon he would take care of the rest.

11. Billy turned down his farther help to cut down the tree because he did not want to let his dogs down this showed loyalty.

12. Billy gave the money he got from the coonskins to his farther.

13. Billy decided not to tell his parents about Little Ann's accident because he was afraid that if he did they would not let him go hunting any more.

14. The Pitchards were so widely disliked because they were really mean to everybody.

15. The raccoon was called the ghost coon because when a dog would tree him he would disappear and nobody could catch it.

16. The ghost coon tricked the dogs by climbing a tree and then climbing out over a limb and jumping into a hollow fence post and he hid from the dogs.

17. Billy put flowers on Rubin's grave because he felt like the accident was his fault by putting the flowers on the grave it made Billy feel like he paid his respect.

18. Billy was upset when he heard the screech owls because he thought that they were bad luck.

19. Little Ann won the silver cup when she got entered into a beauty contest and winning.

20. Billy did not have his name engraved right away because he wanted to get home and give the cup to his little sister like he promised.

21. The dogs saved Billy's life when they got in-between him and the mountain lion.

22. Billy finally killed the mountain lion when he stabbed him between the shoulders with the ax.

23. Billy buried Old Dan on the hill he choose this spot because you could see for miles and he felt like that is what Old Dan would have wanted.

24. Little Ann died because she had no will to live any more because she did not have Old Dan.

25. Billy was angry when both of his dogs died because he couldn't understand why god took them away from Billy