Red Hat Linux vs. Windows 2000

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The purpose of this paper will be to compare and contrast the cost, market share, and hardware requirements of the operating systems Red Hat Linux vs. Windows 2000. To begin our analysis we will briefly describe the Red Hat Linux and Windows 2000 computer platform solution for a small business setting. Technology administrators may note that the best computing solution for a business may be a mix of platforms and products. Some reasons include client preferences or capabilities, existing software and hardware, accounting requirements, or human resources. Owner, management, or employee training, experience, and preferences will also play a part. Linux is the kernel of a free operating system. When Linux is combined with thousands of free software packages it then becomes a Linux distribution. Similarly, Windows 2000 is a privately owned commercial operating system, but only achieves its purpose in collaboration with other software packages. Linux has an advantage in that its flexibility and interoperability allows the migration process.

Linux also has the capability to imitate or provide many Windows services clearly in a mixed environment over a network. This paper will use Linux products from Red Hat, Inc. as the example Linux distribution and software, along with Microsoft's Windows 2000 operating system, its variants and associated software, for any comparisons.

Cost of the Operating Systems

There are many operating systems (O/S) out in the market today. Each operating system can be molded or designed to the right specification of the business or the organization that it will support. We will compare and contrast the cost of two operating systems such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Windows 2000 Professional.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES provides the core operating system and networking infrastructure for a wide range of entry-level and departmental server applications. It is ideally suited for network,