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The novel written by Victor Kelleher, Red Heart, is an extremely detailed book. Victor Kelleher has represented an individual as an intriguing and vital personality in this meticulous volume.

Irene is a teenage girl with a striking personality, she is hard, complicated and most of the time misunderstood. She is a sexual character; always trying to get the most out of Nat when she can. She wears a lot of jewellery on her fingers and has many piercing on other parts of her body. She has a large mop of dreadlocked hair that is only normal among the Feral Nation.

The Feral Nation is a group who take pills to pigment themselves into a darker race. They do this because they think that it is the only way to survive from the Greenhouse Effect.

Irene is a person who voices her opinion: not caring about what other people thinks of her, yet when the line is crossed she immediately puts them back in their place.

This character Irene sets you on a journey of adventure, miss-happenings and love. She is portrayed to be a character with no feelings towards anybody. Ironically she expresses her feelings towards Nat more than once in the novel:

'Irene leaned over and kissed Nat on the cheek, a half friendly, half sexual sort of kiss'

'...She answered her own question by sliding his hand up under her jacket. It'll be share and share alike. You get me? He felt the soft swell of her breast and had to wrench his hand away...'

She believes acquaintances are far greater than a family: she isn't really keen on the phrase: 'What's mine is mine and what's yours is yours'.

This is evident in the following dialogue:

'What do you want with uncles and stuff?' she...