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Ranked in Class Throughout the years people have shown prejudice in many ways. Many people also judge and criticized different race just because they aren't the same as them. Hitler showed it by killing six million Jews. Whites have shown it by judging blacks as a low class race. In Red Sky at Morning, the author shows how Mr. Arnold, Mrs. Arnold and other people treat people and judge people and how they got treated and judged in return.

Mr. Arnold shows respect in others and they gave him their respect in return. He treats everyone with respect and generosity, no matter what race. He doesn't judge anyone in anyway or think of himself superior to someone. He treats everyone equal just as they were like him. Everyone in Mobile and Sagrado had respect for him and he had respect for them, he didn't treat anyone unfairly and they didn't treat him unfairly either.

"Dad slipped them a $500 check that afternoon, and a letter with the lawyer's name and address so they could get more if something happened to their jobs." (p.4) Mrs. Arnold thinks and criticizes of people too likely. She assumes too much of everything. She was exaggerating about how Mr. Arnold left her there in Sagrado with Josh. She also assumed that Lacey liked to sing because most colored people do. She criticized Romeo Bonino for no reason and she doesn't even know him, she was also drunk at the time. She wasn't really respected for herself, but her family was because of Mr. Arnold.

"Mother told him we had a colored women working for us, and all colored women could sing, so she called Lacey out and asked her if she sag at church. (p.8) "Romeo Bonino is a dirty, filthy Italian.", said Mrs. Arnold (p.68) The author shows how other people in Red Sky at Morning judge different people because of where they are from or who they are, such as: Jim Bob and Mr. Cloyd. Jim Bob was in the Sagrado newspaper because he was staying at a respected family. Jim Bob was judged by the people of Sagrado because of where he came from and where he stayed. Jim Bob judged the Josh because he was going out with a fine family. Mr. Cloyd also judges Mexican because he doesn't want any of that race around him or his daughters.

Jim Bob said,"….. well, I must say I'm truly impressed. It's a certainly a fine old family." (p.73) Mr. Cloyd said, "I don't want no Mexicans playing around with my girls. This is a proud family." (p.77) In conclusion, the author show the how the people in Sagrado treats people and they are treated. They were judged by the was they were treated. What ever the person though of them they though the same to that person. Red Sky at Morning shows karma, what goes around come around. This shows that the way a person is judged that is the way they are treated.