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Why "A Serious Man"? Probably when we hear the word 'redemption', one of thefirst things to which we relateit is with another word:salvation; and, therefore, religion. According to what we usually watch in movies, in what refers to the religion as a subject or topic, it may seem a bit boring, since, normally, the theme is almost always the same. However, this film breaks with all schemes established, from a point of view where the humour will be that 'salvation', will be the solution to the problems.

Maybe Jewish cinema is not as known and popular as American cinema is, and you do not go to watch a film and can choose between many Jewish ones. Th at does not mean that, therefore, they are better or worse, just different. For that reason, according to my own point of view, this is a good method to learn about another type of cinema that goes beyond what we ever find.

I will try to do my best from my own perspective, so that anyone who reads it can be introduced into the world of this movie, just as I did.

A Serious Man

Joel and Ethan Coen - authors of this film - are a clear and good example of liberal and educated American Judaism, what is appreciated in theirfilmography, where there are many tributes and parodies of classic film and its genres, literary references and the 'winks to the audience'. 'A Serious Man' is the only Jewish film of these brothers - with a bit of European taste-.

This "Kafkaesque" comedy illustrates the vulgar odyssey of the common man who is not the owner of his life or his destination. The story questions the ground on which we need to stop us living...