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Throughout the year, this course has allowed me to develop my skills. Most importantly I was able to develop my writing, reading and communication skills in English. The different assignments were very interesting because for every assignment different skills were needed. In order to write my play, I had to use my imagination on top of my writing skills and it brought out my creative side. These small things made the course interesting and fun for me.

Last year at this time, I was wondering how next year's English course would be. My grade 10 friends who were enrolled in the course told me that it was a lot harder than grade 9 and a lot of them were failing or taking it to summer school. Personally I think they were wrong because the course was definitely not as hard as they told me it would be. Even though some assignments might have been harder, I saw it as a challenge.

I said to myself if it weren't for challenges, life would be too easy and boring. If ever I was stuck on an assignment I would seek for help from the teachers. They helped my polish my assignments and therefore improving the quality of my work.

I also learned a couple of things about mythology this year especially about Greek and Chinese mythology. Myths were written by people from different cultures and could be approached from several viewpoints. After doing some research on this topic, I noticed that all myths of creation shared a common message even though there might have been some slight differences. The consultations for this essay also made it easier because it gave me a better understanding of what was expected. They also allowed me to communicate my ideas to my teacher and that...