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Country- Colombia

Committee- Security Coucil

Topic- The Republic of Mali


Mali, originally a French colony is a landlocked country in West Africa. In the past, the

country has been referred to the epitome of democracy. That was until the March of

2012, when soldiers overthrew the government of President Toure in the capital city of

Bamako. The soldiers were disappointed in how the government dealt with a rebellion

by rebels notoriously known as the Tauregs. Just before the government was overthrown,

Toureg rebels seized a large portion in the Northernmost part of Mali. The Touregs, a

part of National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad (MNLA) along with the

Islamist Ansar Dine rebels took over the part of Mali with intention of making it an

independent Islamic state. This eventually started the speculation that the area would

become a place for terrorists to seek refuge. Later the Ansar Dine group left the MNLA

and formed an alliance with the al-quida of Islamist Maghareb (AQIM) to start

conquering the rest of Northern Mali. The Islamists are more powerful than the MNLA

due to the amount of money, land, and experience they have. They are not only a danger

to the MNLA, but the whole country itself because of the military background and

support from al-queida. This dispute has also brought up humanitarian injustices from

genocides to child soldiers. Though their goals are different, some fear that the

consequences of them being fulfilled can create chaos amongst the people of Mali and the

countries surrounding them. Just in January of this year, the French took armed action

due to the Mali's unwillingness to take any military action. They deployed troops on

ground to try and dislodge the rebels. It is necessary to find solutions to eradicate this

ongoing war between the...