Reflection and Values, Kudler Fine Foods Management

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Bryan Miller University of Phoenix The Ethics Awareness inventory identifies four prominent categories of ethical philosophies. Character, obligation, equity and results. They represent broad characteristics reflective of individual perspectives on ethics. The ethical profiles can provide insight into general views and approaches regarding ethical issues. This profile is representative of ethical style as well as individual perspective. (University of Phoenix, 2008).

Personal values most closely aligned with my profile are found in the category of character. This profile often looks for evidence of virtue in people and believes that the quality of individual character is important. The perspective that character and virtue are important is reflected in the desire to achieve what is satisfying for us. Individual satisfaction can come in many forms and the choice to indulge in culinary excellence is one way to achieve this satisfaction. Kudler Fine foods can address the satisfaction of personal values by offering excellent gourmet cuisine as demonstrated in their vision statement.

"Kudler Fine Foods will be the premier gourmet grocery store for those savvy shoppers who are searching for the finest meats, produce, cheeses, and wine." (Kudler, 2004).

Kathy Kudlers values are similar to my personal values in the belief that personal satisfaction can be attained through fine cuisine. The ability to be distinguished from others by pursuing a finer dining experience is offered by Kudler Fine Foods. This service appeals to those select customers who wish a richer culinary experience. Many customers who seek this type of fine dining will need guidance. The ability to pair correctly, foods and beverages that match is a skill that is not easily attained. This presents an opportunity to offer expert and valuable advice to customers as they shop. Suggestions for customers looking for the best possible choice or simply a fresh idea will...