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How the Arts Reflect The arts are a major part of our society. Everywhere you go and whomever you may see, all types of things have much to do with art. Without art there is no saying were our society would be today. Without freedom of speech and expression we would live in a communist government and no one would have any rights. Arts are more than just visual experiences to stimulate our mind. They are perfect examples of how we represent and take advantage of our God give rights as Americans. To write about all of the different types arts and how they reflect would take a long time. So I am going to be focusing on paintings, sculptures, photography, and film.

The first art form that might come up in someone's mind is painting. That is traditionally the type of art form people think of first. It takes much skill to sit down at a canvas with a number of different paints and come up with something that people will enjoy and understand.

That is what makes painting such a free form of expression to just sit and contemplate anything you could ever dream to put on that canvas. The great thing about painting is you can create a piece of art and have it mean something to someone and have a completely different meaning to someone else. Which is why painting is such an open art form.

Second a form of art that really stands out and can mean something really amazing to people are sculptures or statues. If there is any type of art that can be more meaningful and dramatic than this is it. Sculptures are lifelike and 3D, which means that the viewer can walk around the work and really get a feel for...