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The article on Controversies Surrounding Mandatory Arrest Policies and the Police Response to Intimate Partner Violence by Amy Leisenring brings up a very interesting point on domestic violence among couples. Whether they are married or dating or if they are black or white. She makes a strong argument based on other research that has been done about how the Mandatory Arrest Policies (MAP) is necessary. Leisenring makes interesting point that the use of Mandatory Arrest Policies can be beneficial for women who are battered and those who are also in domestic violent relationship. She states that, "…intimate partner violence is a serious crime and is matter of public concern instead a private issue between the two people involved." (PG276; Leisenring) Domestic Violence should no longer be an issue between two people but more a social issue. She makes arguments that domestic violence should be looked at more serious and taken to account that it's a crime against women.

The state, the men in uniform should be able to know and fulfill their duties to insure that the woman is protected. People advocate for mandatory arrest policies because it not only will the police not treat the women like as a second wound (secondary victimization). This terminology I learn in my victimology class and its means that when a victims experience a crime whether its robbery, abuse or rape; they depend on police or first responders to provide comfort and assistance but instead they receive a negative treatment, which makes them feel worse. Leisenring clearly makes this point, which I just explained, "…law enforcement officials for intimate partner violence reported that police officers commonly minimized the seriousness of their situation…"(Pg276; Leisenring) She also mention that some women are not for the MAP, because they believe...