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Writing and reading are probably my two favorite activities. I love to write poems, stories, and read novels. I chose to take Journalism because I wanted to pursue my interest in these. With only a few weeks left of this course, I can now look back on what I liked and disliked about the course. I can also think about what I learned and give some suggestions for what could be done to improve the course.

To start out positive, there are many things that I liked about Journalism. I enjoyed writing all of the editorials, especially the opinionated essay. The crosswords were also fun to do when we could work with other students. One of my favorite activities of this class was the trials . Though we didn't always have the time to research as much as we wanted to, I think our class did a good job and had a fun time while conducting the trials.

I also enjoyed the class and liked having friends in it. I also got to meet new people through the activities we did that paired us up with random people, or interviews that we had to do of people we didn't know.

Overall I enjoyed the class, but I do have some dislikes about some of the things we did. At times I thought the crosswords were meticulous, and I did not always enjoy doing bookwork. I understand that the textbook needed to be incorporated into the class, but I thought sitting in class and reading long chapters on reporting were not helping my writing. I also noticed that there were students in the class that didn't seem to portray any interest in writing or journalism who took away from those students who did.

Through all of the stuff...