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As a student growing up I would like to think of myself as being ideal, but truthfully I was not. Having an exceptional mind, I was not an exceptional student. The traditional method of learning bored me. I had both strengths and weaknesses. One outweighed the other yet both stemmed from the same seed, my exceptional mind.

My strengths or what my educators would perceive, as strengths were that I was intelligent, I worked well on my own and could help others with their work. I had a built in drive for learning there were no extrinsic factors. Sometimes I would read encyclopedias for fun. The only vice is that I would only use all of my ability on things that generated interest from me. I was so intelligent, as I still am, that when teachers taught lessons that didn't really interest me that I could doodle, play, and sometimes sleep during the lesson and score in the 90th percentile on tests.

My intelligence caused many problems between my teachers and myself. This is the main reason I would consider myself a poor student or a discipline problem. When I finished my work, which was usually ahead of others in the class, I would begin to talk and play distracting them from doing their work. I would blurt out answers after repeatedly being told not to. I would even challenge teachers if they said something that I disagreed with during a lesson. It took a strong teacher to deal with me.

The most effective discipline for me was to entice me with assignments related to the subject but far more challenging than the norm. For example, I had a science teacher who when she began a new chapter she would give me a packet to be concluded with a...