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This paper is a representation of lessons learned relative to the learning simulations in the course by Team C. The paper will reflect on the three simulations completed for this course: Process Control and Problem Solving, Managing a Process Layout, and Inventory Management. In addition, the concepts and analytic tools used in the development of an Operations Improvement Plan and results revealed about the challenges facing operations manager will be discussed in this paper. The paper will work to connect the varying portions of the course, from text, readings, simulations, and the team project in order to show the overall picture of the tools and concepts and their relation to the educational experience of the course.

Lesson Learned

With process control in order to understand what the needs of the operation are it is important to understand the flow of the organization. Identification of the areas in need of productivity enhancement is essential to solve any operational conundrum so that the proper solution can be implemented.

This is necessary in order to ensure that the resources are properly allocated to prevent bottlenecks in the system. This includes decisions in relation to the capacity of the equipment required, human resources requirement, the level of input and output required for the process and to ensure the right balance is maintained in order to maximize efficiency.

In managing process layouts, the key factor to consider is the efficiency of the existing production line. Within the simulation, there was an obvious need for better spacing and reorganization of the step-by-step process in order to accommodate the needs of the operation. Process layout is a key element in the determination of production cost and profitability. A bad process layout can result in high production cost and therefore reduce profits. Further, in designing...