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In this paper I will discuss why I want to become a teacher, some of my personal characteristics that will make me an effective teacher, how I will stay current in the field of education, and how I will maintain my passion about teaching. Finally, I will include my teaching philosophy.

I want to become a teacher for a few reasons, mainly to be able to shape our future by helping to teach our children. Becoming part of the learning process and actually seeing a student finally understand something could not be more rewarding. Education is priceless, a necessity, and important to the emotional growth of any child.

I feel that some of my personal characteristics that will make me an effective teacher are to teach by different learning styles, not just one and only one; to have a diverse learning environment, have good communication skills, have confidence in myself and belief in what I am teaching or passing on, be willing to admit to making mistakes (that I am only human as are my students), and to have knowledge of the materials in which I am teaching and ample planning and preparation time.

The most important characteristic I feel I have is that I tend to bring out the best in people. I emphasize good qualities in others and am not afraid to point these qualities out (great rapport).

Staying current in the field of education is important. I plan to do this by taking continuing education classes, go to lectures on education and different subjects, and by mentoring, advocacy for the profession and school quality, and to leadership. Keeping up with technology's advances is another great tool to keeping current in the field.

My own teaching philosophy is that education is important to me for a...