A reflection paper on cloning (anti side)

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I imagine a world where all people are alike. I imagine a world wherein our genes are exactly the same, the environment is consistent everywhere, and everyone looks, thinks and feels alike. I try really hard to imagine, because I know this is the only situation in which everyone would have the same stand on human cloning.

The topic first caught my attention when the news of Dolly came out while I was still in high school. I tried to do read about it during my free time, and I have always maintained a stance which reflects my Catholic and Jesuit upbringing. Ignorance is, as they say, bliss because with the lectures and the additional readings in class, I have come to realize that the proponents of the technology may have a point, or several.

I have only one word to describe the possibilities, medical or otherwise, that human cloning can offer: limitless.

Again, imagine having a heart attack right after being involved in a vehicular accident which crushed your entire face. Now imagine doctors transplanting a new heart into your chest, repairing your broken nose and burnt skin tissue, and treating your damaged nervous system using body parts or tissues straight from a clone ordered and paid by your parents on the day you were born. Imagine a world where risks are not that frightening to take anymore because there will always be a back-up body part for any you damage, a world governed by security and peace of mind.

The potential benefits and applications of the technology are certainly much more definitive, measurable and objective than the arguments opposed to the idea of cloning humans. The reasons against cloning are highly subjective, because they are grounded on the individual's specific set of core values, whether moral or...