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Saint Thomas More was one of the greatest defenders of Catholicism in England during the time of King Henry VII's separation of Britain from the Church. Despite the threat of death, he stood by his ideals and never accepted the English Act of Separation.

Saints Joan of Arc and Thomas More had many of the same qualities that allowed them to stand by their beliefs in the face of adversity. They each had unshakeable faith and immeasurable courage. Joan faced down English and Burgundian armies on the battlefield and, as the only woman in European history at that time to be officially in a battle, led her army to victory on many occasions. Thomas's faith allowed him to oppose the King of England, whom he had supported entirely prior to the Act of Separation. Thomas publicly opposed the king on his actions of opposition to the pope and finally separation from the holy Catholic Church. In his time, such opposition was considered high treason and punishable by death. Though Joan's faith and courage were tested on the battlefield, both Saints face possible torture and probable execution for what the believed and what they said and did.

King Henry and Saint Thomas More had very differing views on how religion should work in their country. Thomas, a very devout Catholic, believed that the originally Catholic country on England should stay loyal to the pope and remain a proponent of the Church. Henry, however, wished to remain Christian but did not believe that the rules of the Church should not apply to the king. He believed that, as king, he was above those church laws. Where Thomas was humble and kindly, Henry was pompous and rude.

There are many lessons exemplified by Saint Thomas More in the movie "A Man for...