Reflection paper on the universality of greetings

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Reflection paper on the universality of greetings

Greetings is a manner of exchanging pleasantries, so it is to communicate or express warm welcoming's of small talk or even a little chit-chat here and there. In most culture, it is customary to greet people and have a conversation to form a bond with another person to become allies. It is a formal way to even first introduce oneself to someone that just has met, to exchange conversation that begins with the good morning, names and other conversation topic. Basically in my own perspective that it is customary to bid politeness to others in used to when welcoming, meeting and addressing that person in a friendly gesture. This is one of the basic of life when encountering new people in different places or on public places like schools, church and other institution establishment. To say good morning to your parents, teachers, classmates and friends is the unwritten routine set of norm set on every mindset of a person in society to adhere the rules of ethics in society.

The everyday basic routine that is generally accepted as a standard behavior of courtesy to show the agreeable standard of society that must be followed in such manner and cannot be against. So basically, one must really need to do this gesture in a friendly conversation matter. This was what life was before to exist with others without troubles of occurring in it. This was used a medium of exchange back then and every person has their own way of greeting to others. This is a necessary action because it is to communicate through some verbal and even non-verbal language to help put people together. It is a necessity to greet others in a polite manner in order to continue on the rest of...