Reflection of the Prayer of St. Francis

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In this life you and I are treading, we see things, events, experiences which we did or did not expect. Our world today is facing a soul-consuming delirium. It is constantly threatened with challenges like─ terrorism, war, moral degradation, corruption, discrimination, name it all and the world has it. They are canopying all around the globe. There is a need for us to be redeemed from these uttered deteriorations. We cannot afford to beg off and just watch as the entire humanity is being threatened by the perils of the modern world.

We are aware that this mission is not easy. It becomes absolutely impossible if one counts only on oneself. But what is impossible with men is possible for God. (Lk18,27; 1,37)

This is the ethereal maxim, St. Francis of Assisi wanted to implant in our minds and hearts as expressed in the prayer he made. This serves as the challenge we should take to be truly human.

Let us live the true meaning of God's instruments. Let not the greediness of power, wealth and fame trigger the extinction of the entire humanity. We should make ourselves the portal towards our redemption from psychedelic hallucinations caused by the evil reigning in our whole being. We are given the gift of logic to reason out correctly, but we are also given the power to use that gift for the betterment of every individual. While it is true that we are just in the labyrinth of confusion and doubt, each one should be a refuge for those people whose lives are threatened with uncertainty; one who would bring the promising rays of hope for those who are in the incubus of despair─ we should serve as their dark horse from the claws of damnation.

This is the period of...