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"Hey Krissy, how's your burrito?" my loud-mouthed friend asked. It was all that I could wish for, a gorgeous summer day eating a scrumptious bean and cheese burrito at my favorite place, Nicos, a petite Mexican restaurant located in Carmel Valley.

"It's okay." I mumbled as I secretly tried to conceal the fact that it was delicious, the best burrito I have ever tasted. Like a vulture, I was devouring my prey so that no one else could have a portion of my sacred burrito.

Staring at the dull off-white walls, I glimpsed at a homeless man, whose appearance, vulgar and unpleasant, made him stand out from the rest of the customers. When the homeless man was in the front of the line, about to order, curiosity got the best of me. I was eager to see what he would order. Therefore, I slyly got up and glided over to the soda machine, which coincidently happed to be located next to the cashier.

As I approached the machine, I strained my ears to hear the conversation between the homeless man and the cashier. Unable to hear the bicker, I witnessed the cashier at the back to talking to the manager, who was violently nodding his head, agreeing with what the cashier said. The homeless man, who was occupied with intensely following the actions of the cashier, was anxiously awaiting the response. The customers behind him, loud and rude, grumbled because the line stopped moving .While absorbing the impudence of the many people, I ponder how humanity has developed to disrespect people of lower class.

Hoping that the homeless man was not embarrassed, I spotted the blissful cashier with an enormous grin and a gigantic bag full of chips and two steak tacos. Ecstatically handing the bag over, he said in...