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Throughout a person's life they learn and grow from their experiences. Over the years this has also been true for me as well. It all started when I was little with simple things, like learning right from wrong, or don't put your hand on something hot. However, over the years I grew and started to learn more complex skills such as writing, history, math, and also just life in general. As time went on I learned how to improve upon these skills and through my experiences I have learned that the best way to improve something is through practice, because without practice you'll be more likely to fail. We need practice in all areas of are life, weather it be playing an instrument or school work. Since I started my high school career I have been practicing for college and also the real world as well. Through my practicing in high school I've improved my skills in a variety of areas.

However there are some things that I'm still weak in, that I still need to improve.

When I look back at all my writing overall I can identify many areas that I need to improve. One such area is proper spelling, which I am very weak at. I frequently misspell words, which is a big downfall in my writing. It would be a good idea to improve my skill of spelling because I will need it throughout my life, weather it be in college or my future career. One way that I could improve my spelling skill is through practice. I could try to identify some common words that I misspell and practice writing them over and over again the correct way, I'll try to make it a habit of writing them the correct way. Another way to make...